Providing A Whole Optical Solutions For Data Center

MPO MTP Patch cord


Low IL, Good Channel Uniformity;

Compact Size;

High Accuracy;

integrated Polishing;

Close Density.


Data Center High Dense Environment;

Fiber-to-the-home, Fiber-to-the-building;

Splitter, 40G, 100G Transceiver Interconnection. 


MPO/MTP are used to interconnect cassettes, panels, or fan outs, it offered in fiber types in standard 8,12,24 or 48 cores versions using a compact and rugged micro cables structure, reducing network installation or reconfiguration time and cost.

MPO/MTP patch cord are built with the highest quality components, low loss version is offered.

Connection Principle

Interconnection between same core, eg: 12 core to 12 core, 24 core to 24 core. Male to Female, PC to PC, APC to APC.

Polarity of MPO is managed by Key: Key Up and Key Down. MPO is paired by MPO adaptor. There are two types of MPO adaptor: A (Key Up/ Key Down) and B (Key Up/ Key Up).



Performance Parameters

Radius of CurvatureXmm≥abs 2000
Ymm≥abs 50
Angle (SM)X°-0.20.2
Angle (MM)X°-0.20.2
Fiber Heightnm10003500
Max. Diff. Fiber Heightnm0500
Adj. Fiber Heightnm0300
Core Dip (SM)nmNANA
Core Dip (MM)nm-150150
Insertion Loss (SM)dB00.6
Return Loss (SM)dB60
Insertion Loss (MM)dB00.6
Return Loss (MM)dB20
Fiber Type/--OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4/ G657A /G657B3/G652D
Operating Temperature°C-40+85

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