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Shenzhen PD-OPTIC Technology Co., Ltd offers a full series of optical solutions for high speed transceivers, main products are 45°FA-MT, FA-Receptacle, FA-Isolator-Receptacle, CWDM4 Mux/ Demux, MPO Patch cord, MT-MT, etc.

Lensed Fiber Assemblies

Shenzhen PD-OPTIC Technology Co., Ltd has featured cylindrical lensed fiber, spherical lensed fiber and collimated lensed fiber used in different applications, eg: high power precision fiber laser, silicon photonics chip packaging, Photodiode, Waveguide, etc.

FTTH Solutions

Shenzhen PD-OPTIC Technology Co., Ltd designs and manufactures fiber optic connectivity and cabling products utilized in extensive optical network applications throughout public and private sectors, eg: fiber patch cords, PLC splitters, fiber arrays, fiber distribution boxes, etc.

Fiber Laser Solutions

With advanced packaging technology, PD-OPTIC R & D a series of semiconductor LD, applied in EDFA, fiber laser and high precision equipment. Main products are 785nm narrowband laser, 976nm EDFA pump laser, 1064nm seeder and fiber coupling laser module.

FA Polishing

Fiber array is one of key parts of PLC splitter and other components, are fabricated with high precision V groove substrate to locate fiber core position and accurate polish surface. PD-OPTIC has Engis EJW-400IFN, EJ-380IN and other polishing machines and auto-coupling machines.

Wafer Cutting

PD-OPTIC has 6 sets of Disco DAD3350, DAD322 machines to undertake kinds of wafer cutting business. Its features are high precision, smooth and straight sidewall. We have mature experiences on cutting V groove, PLC chip, AWG chip, FA, Isolator core and so on.


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“Pengda was established in 2012 when was a bad year for the PLC market, but also exist much new opportunities and challenges for us” said by CEO Mr Qian . Through continuous improvement of quality, service and innovation, they gain more recognition by customer at home and abroad.


Partnering with Pengda, we grow together. After strict climate testing, PLC splitter still meet industry standard beyond our expectation, such as IEC 61300 and GR-1221-CORE. Excellent quality of PLC helps us win more chance. Thank you for the supporting from Pengda. Hope we can work more closely in the future.


These splitters tested out almost perfect, very little loss in signal at the connectors. These are the splitters you need, they come in different size, such as mini type, cassette type or fan-out type.

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