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Cylindrical Lensed Fiber

Lensed Fiber, is also named as fiber micro-lens or fiber lens. It is used to change light path or mode conversion in light system by special process on optical surface of fiber. According to different applications, we have three types of lensed fiber. They are: Cylindrical Lensed Fiber, Spherical Lensed Fiber and Collimated Beam Lensed Fiber.

Cylindrical Lensed Fiber

1. Introduce

Most of cylindrical lensed fiber assemblies is used for light patch coupling. There are several processing techniques, micro-cylindrical lensed fiber processing, side-cylindrical lensed fiber processing, three-cylindrical lensed fiber processing, four-cylindrical lensed fiber processing and so on.

2. Characteristics

High Coupling Efficiency for Elliptical FFP

3. Application

Assembly for 980nm LD;

Optical Direct Coupling to LD or Wave Guide.


ParametersunitCylindrical Lens FiberSpherical Lens FiberCollimated Lens Fiber
Fiber Type-SMF, MMF or customizedSMF, MMF or customizedSMF, MMF or customized
Angle°50~120 +/-2 or customized30~120 +/-2 or CustomizedBean waist: 10~160um
Lens Radiusum4 ≤ R ≤ 20+/-14 ≤ R ≤ 20+/-1
Fiber Strip LengthmmcustomizedCustomizedWorking distance: 0.2~7mm
Metalization-Chemical Plating Ni, AuChemical Plating Ni, Au
Fiber LengthmmCustomized +/-0.1Customized +/-0.1Fiber length: customized +/-0.1m
Plating Thicknessum1~10 or Customized1~10 or Customized
Min. Gold Plating Thicknessum0.10.1/
Min. Plating Full ForceN1010/
Operating Temperature°C-45~+85-45~+85-45~+85
Soldering Temperature-280°280°/
Soldering Material-80%AU/ 20%Sn80%AU/ 20%Sn/
Connector Type-/FC, SC, LC or Customized/

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